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  1. unban

    Thank you for the successful cancellation of the ban
  2. unban

    I did not understand why the ban was due to flash
  3. unban

    1. Nickname: X_X|No Marcy|X_X 2. IP (if you do not know your ip, click here): 3. Steam ID ( even if fake client you must write it do STEAM_0:0:18615628 4. Reason for being banned : I dont know 5. Nickname of the admin who banned you: Diana 6. Date and time of the occurrence: 3:30 Am 7. Your proof/s ( Screenshot / printscreen with the data in your in-game console regarding the ban + pictures taken if need be): 8. Why do you think you were banned?: I dont know Informatii despre ban Nume: X_X|No Marcy|X_X IP: Motiv: 0 Timp UnBan: Ban permanent Nume admin: Diana Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:18