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  1. Nickname: Click for name copy my name from here cant paste it on website!!! Ip: Steam id: STEAM_0:0:41462692 Reason for being banned: well he said he banned me for wh but i wasnt cheating or anything Nickname of the admin who banned you: ADI(*-*) Date and time of the occurence: 11/08/2017 04:45 Your Proof: There is a picture of that only read below!!! Why do i think i was banned: Well i am extremely good player but the problem is not me the admin!!! Like wtf he perma banned me you can see from the picture he didint ask for wargodz and he didnt took any kind of screenshots he just perma banned me!! That guy who banned me doesnt know how to be an admin no scrrenshots took or ask for wargodz he just banned me!! I want to say is i have been checked mupltiple times by the head admin Killaru and Divina! And i have benn always CLEAN!! everytime they check me theyy took screenshots wargodz and tga! The guy who banned me should get his admin removed because he doesnt know the basic thing of how to be an admin!! i wish i get unbanned and hope to play on the server again because i like the server! Thank you in advance! P.S perma banned he diidnt took screenshots or ask for wargodz
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    # Real name: Aleksandar Krstev # In-game nickname: [E]li[T]e^Assassin^car[F]ace # Age: 22 # Steam [on/off]: ON # Steam ID: [only for steam players] STEAM_0:0:41462692 # ID [ Y!M/Skype/Steam]: skype: acebilder1 P.S Problem with the text sorry you can still read it