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  1. Nu e greu, in 2-3 zile le faci. 1/3 zile te asigur ca e admin pe sv 8Am - 12pm.
  2. h.33


    Real name: Andrei #In-game nickname: h. #Age: 25 # Experience in administrating?( if yes, how much time ?): yes, years # Rank aquired in the past (if you had admin before): my own sv # Between what time could you be online on the server?: 1/3 days # Why do you think you deserve to be an admin?: someone to change the map # What do you think our server needs to improve?: add aim_map add awp on snow add snow notimelimit overnight # STEAM: on # STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:16380192 # Gametracker link to proove how many hours: enough # Could you support our server with a donation? : acel "ceva" idk
  3. h.33

    Unban h.

    Trancabraila, nu mi-a facut demo..
  4. h.33

    Unban h.

    Eu nu am facut demo, adminu dmc daca a facut sa il prezinte. Poate sa ia cineva legatura cu el?
  5. h.33

    Unban h.

    RO] 1. Nick: h. 2. IP-ul (daca nu va stiti IP-ul, dati un click aici) : 3. Steam ID (chiar daca ai steam fake trebuie postat): STEAM_0:1:16380192 4. Motivul pentru care ati luat ban : presupus aim 5. Adminul care te-a banat : dmc 6. Ora si data cand s-a intamplat: 2:20pm 7. Dovezile voastre (screenshoot cu datele din consola privind banul + poze~daca este cazul~): 8. De ce crezi ca ai fost banat?: ptca aveam 60 de fraguri si jucam vs noobi.. Sa prezi te demo