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  1. Yes, I have something to share. I want everyone who comes to play on your servers to know what these super professional admins are here. The recorded demo is proof of that. Although what else could you expect. Improve your skills guys. P.S. Viper, use CAPS with your teammates, and grow up
  2. Perfect! And where is wall hack? Are you serious? You're insane....
  3. Are you afraid of providing alleged evidence? Upload the demo please.
  4. Upload the demo please
  5. I think, this is international community... Upload the demo please and I talk with more professional admin, not with the 9 days )
  6. Speak english please, If you have a demo, upload it please for other admins. I have NO wallhack or any other hacks. If you don't use your headphones for playing, it's only your trouble, not mine.
  7. Hello everyone! Played at tm.warfield for a few days. 10 min ago a have permanent ban! What for?? "You have been kicked and banned permanently by the server op. Kicked and banned permanently" I have never used any cheats or hacks, also, I have licensed steam acc
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