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  1. [EN] #Real name: Martin #In-game nickname: aimbot.exe / Ghett. #Y!M | Skype ID: I do not have it. Steam: #Age: 20 # Experience in administrating?( if yes, how much time ?): 5-6 years # Rank aquired in the past (if you had admin before): My last position was something like government or leader of the portal. I cooperate with owner, we made updates on the servers and so on.. In the past I have tried these position: Cheathunter, Server Admin, Head Admin, regular Admin (public, deathrun, jump, jailbreak, basically all modes.) # Between what time could you be online on the server?: Its random. I like to play in evening/night, but I play basically when I have time. The most 14-24? # Why do you think you deserve to be an admin?: I report to admins on server when is someone cheating, but it will be better to deal with cheaters etc. by myself. I think I am active and I am sure its another plus. One guy told me to write a request and I do not have problem with that. I would like to help you. # What do you think our server needs to improve?: I do not understand a few settings and "bugs" on the server. For example: I write english and "gag plugin" thinks that I am swearing. For more, I can not use /rs, bet and these commands after mute. I dont like it. # STEAM: on # STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:38265643 # Gametracker link to prove how many hours you spent on the server: # Could you support our server with a donation? : No. # Did you read the Rules and Regulations of our server?: Yes, I have read it. >> wis93