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About server/rules

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About server

  • If you want to spend your free time playing CS1.6 this is your place, just connect to our server. I assure you, you will like it! Why?!
  • Because on my server you will be free to do what you want, because it's OPEN, an OPEN WAR FIELD, so, everything is allowed here. You'll' need to respect only 3 base rules.
  • Other reason to join here is because we have implemented a new style of rank based on war ranks. Now you have a Tag Name when you type in chat. It is based on levels, you'll' start like a Private and you will finish like a General; Enjoy!

And this are the Rules

  1. Don't be an asshole! (don't swear);
  2. Don't try to cheat! (don't use cheats);
  3. Don't be a spammer! (use your brain before using chat);

If you don't respect the rules you will be kicked or banned from the server.

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