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[Model] Cerere Unban / Unban Request

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1. Nick:
2. IP-ul (daca nu va stiti IP-ul, dati un
click aici) :
3. Steam ID (chiar daca ai steam fake trebuie postat):
4. Motivul pentru care ati luat ban :
5. Adminul care te-a banat :
6. Ora si data cand s-a intamplat:
7. Dovezile voastre (screenshoot cu datele din consola privind banul + poze~daca este cazul~):
8. De ce crezi ca ai fost banat?:

1. Nickname:

2. IP (if you do not know your ip, click here):
3. Steam ID ( even if fake client you must write it down):
4. Reason for being banned :
5. Nickname of the admin who banned you:
6. Date and time of the occurrence:
7. Your proof/s ( Screenshot / printscreen with the data in your in-game console regarding the ban + pictures taken if need be):
8. Why do you think you were banned?:


[RO] Important:

  • Daca ai steam sau steam fake trebuie postat steam ID-ul deoarece serverul il baneaza si pe acesta si astfel nu va putem scoate banul. Pentru a vedea steam ID-ul, intrati pe un server si scrieti in consola "status" iar in dreptul nick-ului o sa va apara un text de forma "STEAM_0:0:XXXXXX". Acesta trebuie postat in cazul in care apare! Inainte de a face cererea verificati acest lucru in consola!!
  • Cererile de UNBAN care nu sunt facute in maxim 2 saptamani de la primirea banului vor fi considerate NULE.
  • In momentu cand intocmiti o cerere unban sunteti obligati sa veniti cu dovezi,si anume: printscreen la consola sau pozele care or fost facute de catre un admin la adresa ta;
  • La cerere unban,aveti la dispozitie 24 de ore pentru a prezenta pozele. Daca in decurs de 24 de ore nu ati venit cu toate pozele pe forum automat cererea se va considera nula, iar topicuL se va inchide.

[EN] Important:

  • You may be a steam player or a valve player, your steam ID must be written down regardless, because our server automatically bans your ip and your steam ID and thus you will be unable to receive unban. To find out your steam ID, enter on a any server and type in the in-game console "Status" and there will be a list of all the player's names, steam ids, IPs, etc. On the line with your own in-game nickname you will find out the information you seek with the format "STEAM_0:0:XXXXXX". You must post that information in the case that it shows ! Before making a request please verify this information in your in-game console !!
  • Unban request that are not made whitin 2 weeks from receiving a ban will not be taken into consideration.
  • When writing an unban request you must bring proofs, that is: Printscreen of in-game console or the pictures taken of you by the admin.
  • In the case of posting an unban request you have 24 hours to present the evidence to prove your stand, if whitin 24 hours you fail to do so the request will be denied and the topic will be closed.

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