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  1. nick: Jullio ID: STEAM_1:0:1580317958 reason: aimbot evidence: Demo 5.65MB
  2. nick: hardSan ID: STEAM_1:0:1638506532 reason: wh and aimbot evidence: Demo 6.92 MB
  3. nick: Steven steam_id: STEAM_1:0:231521061 reason: aimbot evidence: Demo 3.13MB
  4. nick: M4rCola354_MG ID: STEAM_0:4:734385284 reason: wh evidence: Demo 2.79MB nick: flux ID: STEAM_0:4:1788606670 reason: wh evidence: Demo 1.51MB
  5. nick: BARRYTUBE ID: STEAM_0:4:1844053224 reason: wh evidence: Demo 5.07MB
  6. nick: SEX GUDRICA KOVIN LUDNICA!!! ID: STEAM_0:4:2002620034 reason: wh evidence: Demo 4.17MB
  7. nick: .::FS_^ |Moh@mmeD~Kam::. ID: STEAM_0:4:1503630664 reason: wh evidence: Demo 6.2MB
  8. nick: UR MOM's PUSSY ID: STEAM_0:4:517939456 reason: wh evidence: Demo 824.67KB
  9. nick: Sharii ID: STEAM_0:4:520083828 reason: wh evidence: Demo 2.15MB nick: NA MENTE ID: STEAM_0:4:775927740 reason: wh evidence: Demo 1.54MB
  10. nick: F$rAy ID: STEAM_0:4:2134268530 reason: aim / no recoil script evidence: Demo 14.4MB
  11. nick: MasterGTG.PA ID: STEAM_0:4:1730411906 reason: wh evidence: Demo 4.74MB
  12. nick: Hifumi44 ID: STEAM_0:4:2102767227 reason: aim evidence: Demo 3.04MB
  13. nick: ALBANIA ID: STEAM_0:4:792436485 reason: aim evidence: Demo 972KB
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