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Top Posters In This Topic

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1.Nickname ki|l4fun 2.ChatTag dorit: SMURD

1. Nickname server: $efu 2. ChatTag-ul dorit:  TOP-MODEL 

1. Nickname server:  .::{T.T.K}JoJoRo::. 2. ChatTag-ul dorit:  Jasmi:x:Asull

4 hours ago, vasika said:

nick> vasika 

 ChatTag-ul dorit>      Warfield



1 hour ago, 48 kid TheUnKnOwN said:

1. Nickname server: 48 kid TheUnKnOwN

2. ChatTag-ul dorit: Nebunu' Necunoscut


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2 minutes ago, MaLoNe12 said:


Chattag :ZeuS




12 minutes ago, BEBE25 said:


1. Nickname server: BEBE25

2. Chattag: Alpha



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23 minutes ago, HAWK said:

1. Nickname server:kapraaa
2. ChatTag-ul dorit: uniqueFLEX

Ai beneficiat deja de un chat tag in acest wipe, respins. 

21 minutes ago, xGabriel1 said:

1. Nickname server: xGabriel1
2. ChatTag-ul dorit: lucifer e viata 



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21 minutes ago, Sah-Mat said:

1. Nickname server: Sah-Mat
2. ChatTag-ul dorit:  Tata lu` Luci

respins , nu agream batjocura de niciun fel ^_^

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